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ICD Applied Technologies Ltd

ICD Group, a major international conglomerate dealing in manufacturing, trading, and distribution of specialized commodity products, announces the addition of a new company: ICD Applied Technologies.

The addition of ICD Applied Technologies complements the other ICD Group business units – ICD Alloys & Metals, ICD America, ICD Europe, and UMC Corporation. By utilizing the groups depth in the alloy and minor metal space ICD is leveraging its raw materials for use in Powder metallurgy to enter into 3D printing applications with metal powders. Minor metals are critical elements required in the production of high-tech applications along with a wide range of specialty alloys, high-tech critical components are created utilizing alloys and minor metals to create specific chemistries that create desired mechanical properties, including deformability, and corrosion resistance.

The core focus of ICD Applied Technologies is to develop technologies that offer manufacturers the capability to create complex near net shape metal components for high-integrity and demanding applications. The new business takes an innovative approach to revolutionize the use of powder metallurgy to applications that typically are cast, wrought, or machined by developing novel and flexible methods for manufacturing complex components.

ICD Applied Technologies maiden production facility is in the heart of the UK’s metals sector and additive manufacturing technology park in Sheffield, to reside onsite at ICD Europe’s facility. ICD Group has a physical presence and global footprint to support our clients wherever our materials are sourced or needed.

John Schofield, Managing Director of ICD Applied Technologies, expressed enthusiasm for the venture: “I am proud to be part of a new venture for the ICD Group. The establishment of ICD Applied Technologies demonstrates the dynamic forward-thinking nature of the ICD Group, expanding the business into complex and demanding product manufacturing sectors. The ICD family is a group of dedicated, successful, and supportive individuals that encompass and nurture an environment that breads entrepreneurial innovation. I feel great pride to be part of the ICD future journey and a part of a great company”.

Metal powders are produced through a process called atomization and are the preliminary base materials for most 3D printing processes that produce metallic components. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), is the manufacturing of parts by gradual deposition of metal to create complex, bespoke parts with geometries that traditional manufacturing methods are unable to produce. Manufacturers can use metal 3D printed parts to maximize their performance while minimizing their weight and the total number of components in an assembly.

Alexandre Leviant, CEO of the ICD Group, succinctly summarized the new business, “Expanding alongside a team with 100 years of combined cutting-edge experience is the ethos around ICD’s mission of providing solutions to meet the evolving needs of technology”.

About ICD Group

Founded in 1952 as a global merchant for bulk chemicals, ICD Group has diversified into a major international conglomerate which deals in manufacturing, trading and distribution of specialized commodity products with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide through agents and representative offices.Our long-standing exclusivity and joint venture arrangements with suppliers, modern processing facilities, global logistics network and unparalleled customer service is what enables us to supply products of uniform quality and at the most competitive prices.


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