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Day in the Life - Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts - Warehouse Operative


In the latest of our series of articles introducing members of the ICD Europe team, we talk to Steve Roberts, who works in Despatch.

‘I’ve been working in this role for almost 2 years now. In a nutshell, I’m keeping track of everything that comes into and goes out of the facility

Lorries come in throughout the day, myself and my team will unload them, and we log what the delivery note says it is. We can’t assume that information is correct until the materials have been fully tested and verified.

We weigh the materials and give them a GRN –a unique reference number to ensure full traceability throughout the process. The delivery is then ready to be passed on for testing.

Once the materials have been tested and processed, we add them to the shelves as stock, or we get it ready to go back out again. We write up the job card, load up the transport and it’s ready to go out to customers.

We can tackle up to 6-7 deliveries in a single morning, so the job definitely keeps us busy. We’ll always deal with at least 6 ins and outs per day, although there’s usually more.

It’s a physically demanding job although I’d say the hardest aspect of it is coordinating multiple jobs at the same time. Keeping track of everything that’s coming in and going out, and prioritising the jobs according to client need.

Some days we know in advance what’s coming in and going out but not always. Typically, unexpected deliveries have a tendency to arrive at break time, just as I’m sitting down with a cuppa!

ICD Europe is a great place to work. I know everyone, it’s a nice size and the people are really friendly.

When I’m not at work you can usually find me chasing my kids around – or taxiing them round to football practice and matches! Whatever spare time I do get, I like going out, meeting friends and relaxing after a hard day at work.



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