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Day in the Life - Paul Glossop

Paul Glossop – Process Operator

I’ve been working at ICD Europe for almost a year now. Prior to that I worked in the foundries on furnaces and melting plants for 25 years. To be honest, it’s a relief to get away from the 1500 degree heat! It’s definitely a lot cooler here – a much more pleasant working environment.

It’s my job to process the materials that come into the warehouse on a daily basis. We’re transforming the revert metal into a state where it can go back out to customers for re-melting.

There are a number of different methods we use to achieve that. My personal favourite is the plasma bay – it burns the metal down to manageable sizes before it gets transferred to the shot blaster for further processing.

If I’m not doing that, I could be cropping sheet metals down or working on the shot blaster, which involves cleaning the scrap to the customer’s specifications, removing any surface debris markings.

Today, we’re working our way through some larger ingots, by cropping down into chunks to send off to a specific customer.

The type of material we work on varies on a day-to-day basis. It could be nickel or cobalt-based metals, or even Titanium. You’ve just got to be really careful about not mixing up different types of material, due to the different properties within the metals.

It’s a real pleasure not to have to work at weekends anymore. I get to spend much more time with my family now, and it’s nice to be able to walk the dog or go match angling when I need to relax. 

I really enjoy working at ICD Europe. We’re always busy so the time flies. The company is growing quickly and there’s a great culture. I’m proud to be part of the team.




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