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Day in the Life - Mark Watkinson

Day in the Life - Mark Watkinson

Every month, we chat to another member of the ICD Europe team, to find out more about their role. This time, we talk to Mark Watkinson, who works as a Processor.

‘The material comes in and each batch gets a unique GRN number, before it goes to the Testing department for verification. Once the makeup of the material has been recorded, it comes through to the Processing department. It’s up to us to process it to whatever requirements the customer wants.

Different metals and alloys come in different formats. Often it’s in larger sheets which we’ll cut down into strips before they go in the shot blaster to be cleaned. Then they’re cut down to the required size.

All the processed materials are put into clean drums. We document what it all is and put it on pallets. It then it goes next door to the warehouse to be sent out to the customer.

We do get some heavy jobs. We all drive fork trucks so if we’re struggling we can use those. There’s a real focus on training and development here, and forklift driving is one of the first things we all learn to do.

There’s a rotation system for each workstation in place, which gives us more variation and it also means the whole team is trained on everything. As well as our main duties, we’ll also often help out in the warehouse or lend a hand unloading the lorries. There’s so much to do and the days go so fast. You're never stood around.

The people who work here make it easy; they’re a great group. We have a laugh but we work hard. We all go match fishing together most Sundays. I can’t fault it.

I honestly think this is the best company I’ve ever worked for. If you’ve got any problems they’ll help you sort it out. If you need new equipment they’ll get it for you. It’s growing so fast too, and you never know what’s coming through the door next! It’s an exciting place to work, and we’re definitely going places.



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