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Day in the Life - Haydn Dernley

Haydn Dernley- Warehouse Tester


I started off at ICD Europe Ltd working as a Processor, which I really enjoyed, but I also thought the role of Tester looked really interesting. So when an opportunity came up to train as a Tester, I was able to take it even though I hadn’t been here long at the time.

At the moment I’m learning from all the other Testers, but I do have my own bench now so I’m busy all day testing materials. It’s an in-depth job and there’s a lot to learn. Even the guys I’m learning from are still finding out new things after years on the job.

The role of Tester involves checking the materials that come in each day, to identify exactly what they are. There are so many different types and variants of metals and alloys, and it’s vital that we get the makeup of each one 100% accurate. We use different tools and technology to help with this, but it’s not as simple as a machine giving you a definitive answer. A lot of it comes with experience, but I’m learning fast and there’s a lot of help available to me if I need it.

Before starting at ICD Europe, I worked as a stagehand travelling all over the UK, mostly on arena shows and festivals. It was hard work but a lot of fun. Ultimately though, I was working away too much and not seeing enough of my partner.

This role is definitely a change of pace but it’s nice to get back to normality.

I love the fact that I’m learning so much. It’s quite challenging but I do enjoy it, and I’m working with a great team.

ICD Europe is a good company to work for as they look after their people well. It’s undergoing huge growth so there are lots of opportunities, which I’ve already benefited from even though I haven't been here long.

In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym and spending time with my little family. I have a young son - he’s fab but he’s a little terror, he doesn’t like sleeping much!



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