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Day in the Life - Andy Cole

Andy Cole- Warehouse Supervisor


In the latest instalment of our Day in the Life series, we talk to Andy Cole, Warehouse Supervisor at ICD Europe.

‘The main purpose of my role is to help the Works Manager ensure that all jobs go out on time and get fulfilled properly. It’s really all about the day–to-day running of the warehouse.

We have a team of Warehouse Operatives who are responsible for putting all the jobs together. I oversee that work and allocate jobs to the team.

It gets really busy at times so I often need to prioritise the jobs as and when they come in. it can be a challenge to make sure everything goes out on time. Certain jobs might have to be juggled, to take longer testing times into account, for example.

I also liaise with the office to make sure all the paperwork is done and handed in on time. We only get a 2-hour window to load up the containers so everything has to be ready prior to that, and then it’s all hands on deck to get the job completed.

I’m quite laidback so I don't feel too much pressure. To be honest, I thrive on the challenge. I also enjoy managing the warehouse team alongside Derek, the Works Manager. They don't need much management to be honest, just the occasional nudge in the right direction. They’re a good team.

ICD Europe is a great place to work. There’s always a good atmosphere. It’s relaxed but everyone’s focused on getting the job done. When I’m not in work, I like to do as little as possible! My ideal weekend would be relaxing at home and maybe going out for meal and a drink with my wife.



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