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Day in the Life - Sophie Critchley

Sophie Critchley – Logistics and Admin Assistant


At ICD Europe, we work in a busy, fast-paced environment. My job is to help keep everything organised and running smoothly. I create all the purchase and sales contracts and also help with all aspects of admin and filing.

I provide support at all stages of production. When a new batch of material comes in, it is fully analysed and sorted by our Testing team. They complete a segregation report, which records the quality, form and quantity of the delivery. I enter this information on to our system which generates a report for us to send on to the supplier.

Once the materials have been tested, approved and entered on our system, they go on to be processed as per the customer’s requirements. When the materials are ready for dispatch, I create the delivery notes and labels, arrange the transportation and get everything ready for dispatch.

I also raise a Certificate of Analysis – a document which details the exact makeup of each material. This document accompanies all shipments we make. It is essential that the information is correct, so the document is approved by our Quality Department before it is issued to the customer. I then create the invoice to send out to the customer.

We are dealing with customers all around the world and there’s a lot of paperwork involved. We have to be so vigilant. Sometimes we can be up against it timewise and feeling the pressure, but we have to get it right to ensure we maintain our high quality standards.

I love the job and I’m really happy here at ICD Europe. I really like the people I work with, and although it’s a big company, we’re a close-knit team and everyone knows each other well.

In my spare time I actually run a small hair extensions business. I also love shopping, long walks and going out for nice meals.



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